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We're NOT making LEMONADE anymore


Practical Points to Navigating Through Life's Sour Points

We’re not making lemonade anymore! This book turns the old adage on its head by providing readers with practical solutions for dealing with life’s sourest points. When Life Gives You Lemons...Stop Making Lemonade discusses some of the most common lemons from familial to financial to the unexpected.

When Life Gives You Lemons is also interactive! Inside is a Lemon Tracker that allows you to jot down the sour points in your life and how to address them along with lemon-inspired recipes, lemon facts and more.

When Life Gives You


Break the habits that lead you to sugarcoat your life, step up to the plate, and learn supreme accountability! When Life Gives You Lemons will show you that life's sweetest moments come when you pucker up and take the lemons that life gives you—or the ones that you give yourself—head on! 

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